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>> the weekend's heavy rain has pushed the best plans river pass of the flood stage. >> marcella raymond has tonight's top story. >> said dennis plaines river was 1 ft. and a half above flood stage causing residents in nearby towns to shut down the area around their homes. when it
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judy and alan bought their home 11 years@[ ago and they knew what they were getting into, luckily the house was built high intentionally because the house flooded often. there are a couple of feet of water all around the house but not much inside. good news since the couple says the flooding has increased over the years. >> are you still have you bought the place? >> absolutely, it is a jewel and a few days a year is an inconvenience but it is worth it. >> its stock rising just short of eight and a half feet. adriana typically gets flooded five times in the last 13 years but not today. in towns all along the swollen river residents prepared for the
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worst. the owner of this apartment building may fortress of sandbags to make sure that nothing flooded. >> i have been all night bagging. >> although there is no water on the street surface currently it is a preventative measure we are trying to be proactive. and on the river in downtown lyons several trees hong teetering on the dam. >> the worst is over for now.
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>> a frightening experience for a mother and her two little girls, the branch of the storm damage treat nearly crushes them and a dog. a neighbor helped save the day. curious neighbors gather around the fallen tree on not tail rode in riverside and it marks the site of a harrowing experience for this family including the toddler twins. >> did it fall on your head? >> yap. >> it did. she was rushed to the emergency room. the family has been near the tree trying to help catch the neighbor's dog and looking at a large branch on the leftd that have fallen earlier when all of a sudden we heard this cracking and a large branch on the right fell on top of courtney antar girl. and her little
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girl. everyone came out with minor cuts and bruises many thanks to the neighbor for a happy and huggable ending. the neighbor was not up to talking with us, reports say that the dog is in serious condition. those two days of storms dropped about 6 in. of rain which is what caused it to swell that includes five and a half inches in the town. as people in an this plans are keeping an eye out for the rainfall they found residents getting to work on the huge cleanup job they're already facing. they have a big cleanup had of them, the record rainfall friday night into saturday morning left 8 ft. of water in their basement. once the water
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receded today the watermark on the walls remained in just about everything in their basement was ruined. >> the basement was fully finished with top-of-the-line appliances everything just went under the water. pulling the wool carpeting through the window up to the curb to throw out. >> the firm is is probably ruined. pretty much everything, all of the toys were down there. once they open it up is 20 minutes-half hour and it is gone. over in elkgrove village
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could notthe cleanup is sure to be growing making for a very long week ahead. >> i do not know how we'll get to work on monday. >> 11 deaths in cook county are now linked to the summer heat wave the county medical examiner reported three more heat related deaths yesterday. the third he bleated death was a 68 year-old friends and neighbors remember him as the man who was always there to help others. >> he shoveled pretty much half of the blackbloc.
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medical examiners say that they all died primarily of heart disease and that he was a contributing factor in their deaths. >> a single engine plane crashed and killed a father, mother and their daughter was a university of chicago volleyball player. john painter and morgan duquette were on their way to florida to take her to a fitness camp, it was leaving from the airport and local media reports that severe weather was passing through the area at the time of the crash appeared >> a house auctioned the fed's prepared to sell the home of the former mayor. >> it appears the bears' quarterback jay color may be starting the season as a single guy. >> same-sex couples officially tied the knot in new york on the first day they can legally
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married. >> we have a couple of days to dry out before the next round of storms comes in midweek, i will have details and the full forecast still ahead. fall in, gentlemen! we're going back to training. a stain, vaughn?! a ketchup stain?! how dare you disrespect me, your country and your mama?! i guess the guy just wants to bring his lunch with him. do you have something to say about the stain, vaughn?! sir! what stain, sir?! vaughn, that -- oh! what'd they do send me a daggone houdini?!
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good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. >> an annual festival parade in suburban lake stewart was transformed today following the death of a young woman killed by a hit-and-run driver last week. gaynor hall has the story. >> the parade in lake zurich marched on today under, friends'
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plant flowers at the site of the hit and run that took full life of the 18 year-old son. >> the best person i ever know. >> friday night gabby was walking on the shoulder of the road with her friends heading to the festival. >> it is how i got this scratch and i didn't even care and at the same time i got hit. >> gabby was pronounced dead at the liberty bell hospital, the sisters suffered minor injuries. investigators have some evidence that they need help to find the light colored suv that hit the teen and kept on going. on the dark street. >> is not very well illuminated.
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>> she had graduated from high school early and was looking forward to the future. >> she was ready to move on with her life. >> now they're struggling to move on without her and asking the driver responsible to come forward. and i want them to hear what they did and how bad they heard us. and how that hurts to know that someone leaves you and leaves you to die like you don't matter. >> funeral arrangements are still being finalized investigators are looking for a light-colored suv with possible damage to the front passenger side of the vehicle anyone with information is asked to call like zurich police. >> chicago firefighters were
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called to a fire overnight in the lake view neighborhood, the fire broke out and the storage unit of the high rise north lake shore drive, officials say the fire was put out shortly before 1 this morning no injuries were reported. >> you can only the home of a former well-known politician and at a bargain today was the open house. betty loren maltese lost her home to the government when she was convicted on corruption charges in 2002, officials are just now getting around to selling its and an auction will take place this thursday and today was the first time for potential buyers to get a look inside. she was released from prison last year and said that she will attend this week's auction. >> the quarterback may be some go once again he reported that collor and his fiancee have
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called off their engagement. it began trading last august and became engaged in april with a wedding set for july next year, they were seen earlier this month. together. >> >> more attrition but the accused norway mass murderer. the disturbing revelation about his writing. >> the state's first same-sex marriages were held in new york.
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>> norwegians gather today at a church in oslo to mourn the victims of the attacks that left at least 93 people dead. the suspect in police custody has admitted setting off a car bomb outside government buildings and carrying out a mass shooting at a political use a retreat but he has not pleaded guilty, some of the young people who survived the mass shooting are telling their stories today. >> i started screaming and then i got cramps because i had been playing so long and the water. so i got some ofzero >> the suspect may make his first court appearance on monday investigators are examining the 1500 page manifesto in which he reportedly rants against muslims and calls
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for european civil war and describes how to plan and carry out attacks. >> egyptian residence attack protesters today who were marching from to rear square to the defense ministry, at least two dozen people were sent to the local hospital and demonstrators said the pace of the reform was slow since hosni mubarak was forced from office this year. the violence ended when security forces fired tear gas. amative it was the first day that same-sex couples could be legally married in in new york state. the first male couple stands and says their ideas. they joined hundreds of same-sex couples waiting in a long line for their turn to be wed but in the streets hundreds of protesters called for the state to put the new lot up to a vote. >> i just hope that they will
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let the people vote, politicians should not let the ones of voting for us, we can go for our selves. >> man marrying man, woman maryann woman, we are against that. >> new york is the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. >> the debate continues in washington as the nation closes in on a deadline to raise the debt ceiling the issues remain the same republicans pushing for a big cut spendingspending cuts. >> a short-term extension of the debt ceiling is going to jeopardize our economy and a time when the global economy is so weak when we are facing a downgrade of america's credit rating speaker bade is ignoring that warning. >> we have a budget deficit of
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one and a half trillion dollars, we are borrowing 42¢ on every dollar we spend and it is time to get serious about stopping the spending in washington. >> is the nation's debt ceiling is not increased by august 2nd some worry it could mean the country would default on foreign debt and higher interest rates. >> british police say that an autopsy will not be scheduled before tomorrow morning to determine what killed singer amy winehouse, fans placed flowers outside her home in camden square london today. the 27 year-old singer was found dead in her home yesterday she had a long history of drug problems, her death came less than two months after her latest release from rehab program her family says that they are left to mourn her loss. >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >> jim will be with us and he is
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keeping an eye on a midweek a warm-up. >> tonight on instant replay, a sad case of...dropsey. not only in cleveland but at wrigley field to and also a victory in chicago baseball, an illinois state championship golf is on the line and marcus leshock it gets busy in a real time nascar experience. all tonight on instant replay.
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>> we do not want to another week like last week. >> it is possible, we're looking at a substantial warm-up probably up to the mid-90s in next week but that may be accompanied by another substantial rain event and we should have a couple of days to try things out a bit no rain expected from monday or tuesday. let's take a look at a time lapse pictures. we had clouds and storms that pushed over the area this morning officially o'hare picked up 18 hundredths of an inch of rainfall but enough to make this july the
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second wettest in chicago history. yesterday after the friday night to saturday morning rain it was our third wettest. notice the class beginning to dissipate by the time lapse pictures but this is the way the reader looks into concede the big storms as they swept to the east and now we're watching a cold front approaching from the north and west but looks like it will probably crossed the area dry. these storms anticipating. there have been almost 200 severe weather reports today, mostly wind in hail all over the east. on wednesday we're watching bat line of storms potentially bringing more
9:28 pm
measurable rain to the chicago area how much we will have to keep a very close watch. the high temperature was 87 degrees. temperatures held on a bit by all of that cloud cover in the morning rainfall but we are going to see the temperatures should up again on wednesday. probably low to mid 90's. he advisory's in excess of he warnings continue for the southern plains heat advisories' and excessive heat warnings continue for the southern plains. early indications are that next week and should be just fine. let's check out the forecast for tonight. tomorrow mostly sunny
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with less humidity. high temperature in the upper 80s with wind off the lake on tuesday partly cloudy with the afternoon light breeze, a very seasonal temperatures with a range of 85-90 degrees in the area. what about the next seven days? take a look at what happened by wednesday. thunderstorms where they occur can produce a chilly outflow. as it looks now we have a very good chance of making it back in the heat and humidity and back under some more thunderstorms. >> plus the ground is complete soaked by now.
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>> still to come on wgn news at 9, 96 years since one of the deadliest disasters in chicago history. all systems prepare to engage. captain, unidentified object -- detergent chamber.
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marks the 96th anniversary of the worst of shipwreck on the great lakes. in all 844 passengers and crew were killed when it capsized, the historical society marked the tragedy at the side of the disaster the south bank of the river between less out and clark, the east and was salvaged and converted to u.s. navy gunboats. >> in >des play is this summer flooding continues despite theit is still going on at this hour and will continue until 11 tonight. the near northwest suburb is regrading its annual
9:34 pm
taste of this plaines into a four day summer fling it festival. >> a patriotic super hero is number one at the box office this weekend. captain america goes back to world war two for the story of the hero and red white and blue and broadened over $165 million in ticket sales. here are some of the other box office winners:
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save them. presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans, and won't torture your tanks. so your clothes stay looking and fitting like new. woolite. long live your wardrobe. it's been a hot and sweaty week but guess what, there is now in the forecast somewhere. >> if you live in northern california in the mountains, like tom hogan a record-breaking 8 in. of snow this year and what is left is providing some winter fun in the summer sun. snowboarding in your bathing suit everyone is hitting the slopes while at last. >> no reason not to feel good
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about them having nice weather. >> del be flaky on me. >> that is the news for this sunday night thanks for joining us. >> instant replay is coming up next with dan roan.
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